"An Euren Fenstern Wachsen Blumen"
CD/LP   ae 001
April 29, 2006

Festland is handmade German Technosoul. It's minimal house and ambient played live with drums, sampler, bass, and three-part harmonies. 
Festland is a stunning live act from Essen, Ruhrgebiet.

"An Euren Fenstern Wachsen Blumen"

01. Rote Liebe
02. An meinem Fenster wachsen Blumen
03. Wehtun
04. Magnificent obsession*
05. Kellerloch
06. Nachts bei den Schiffen
07. Nowhere bei mir**
08. Wassermusik/Wirklich wahr
09. Nights are long
10. Das Meer rauscht
11. Sirenen

Festland are:
DDFM– bass and gesang
Thomas Geier – drums and gesang
Yoshino – sampler and gesang

Lyrics by Fabian Weinecke.
Music by Feldmann/Geier/Schaefer
**Fred Banana Combo

Recorded at UpH Essen, Germany.
Mixed at Villa Qrella, Berlin, Germany by Norman Nitzsche.

Artwork: „Melancholie“ (2000, oil on wood) by Fabian Weinecke.
Photo by Jörg Koopmann

Masha Qrella about Festland:

„Melancholy beyond Indie-isms. Romanticism beyond abject glamour! Strings and samples of classical music without overindulgence, it’s never too much, like knowing all the references but not being the smart aleck. German lyrics, weird poetry, and in combination with the music this is absolutely spooky. Music of an escapist tradition, on the cusp between art and pop - it perhaps reminds me, if of anything at all, then of the Michaela Melian solo record. No computer generated stuff; no simple bleeps or bloops here. Every sample has a story to tell, every verse and every beat draws you into a world full of beauty, loneliness, hope and suicidal thoughts:

“Doch um diese Länder zu sehen / musst du immer schlafen gehen / Und so wünscht’ ich mir schon ziemlich oft / niemals mehr aufzuwachen, aufzustehen."(transl. But to see these countries / you always have to go to sleep / that’s why I wished so fairly pretty often / never to wake up again , never to stay up again) from „Kellerloch“.

A world of text is sensitively woven around the three musicians through their assured musical interpretations. A dangerously addictive cocktail - beautiful and sad at the same time.“